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09-27-2022 Update!
Visa Free Travel for U.S. Citizen Tourists (Starting October 11, 2022)
Beginning October 11, 2022, individual tourists may visit Japan. At that time, tourists with U.S. passports will no longer need visas for short-term visits (up to three months).


Refund Policy申込費用の返金について

Substitutions are highly encouraged.



You may swap out personnel if someone suddenly cannot attend if done prior to COB 12 Oct and all relevant registration information provided (1. Name, 2. Company/Organization name, 3. Citizenship, 4. Gender, 5. DOB, eg.01/31/1945, 6. Address, 7. Phone, 8. Email)



Partial refunds can be provided or you can designate the funds to be donated to our scholarship fund.

Before COB 30 Sep, we can provide a 90% refund.

Before COB  14 Oct, we can provide a 50% refund.

No refunds after 14 Oct.

To request a refund, please e-mail





o9月30日までに申請:お申込費用の90% を返金。

10月14日までに申請:お申込費用の50% を返金。



Aug. 2022 UPDATE: U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Japan

Starting August 18, Japan will introduce a new eVisa system to allow U.S. citizens to resume travel to Japan. U.S. citizens who wish to travel to Japan for group tourism, business, cultural exchanges, and family visitation may apply for a single-entry visa online.

For more information, please see the link below.

Information for U.S. Citizens Traveling to Japan

Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ eVisa page  for additional information.

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