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Sponsorship Guidelines


Thank you for choosing to sponsor our 2023 SAME Japan Industry Forum and our Post’s events.

We are thankful to have your support and look forward to seeing your team at our event.

2023 SAME JAPANインダストリーフォーラムのプラチナスポンサーとしてお申込・ご支援頂きありがとうございます。スポンサーシップについては以下のガイドラインをご覧ください。会場でお会いできるのを楽しみにしております。

Signing up other registrants under your sponsorship

As a Sponsor, you registered one person when signing up for your sponsorship and have the following number of tickets available (Platinum: 7 more, Gold: 5 more, Silver: 3 more, Bronze: 1 more).  



President's Lunch

Your sponsorship includes one seat at our President’s Lunch on Day 1. Please let us know if your company plans to attend the Lunch and the name of the person representing your company at this Lunch.



Send us your Logo

As a sponsor, your company will be verbally recognized as a sponsor at the Forum, and your company logo will be displayed at various areas. For design purposes, please email us a high-quality company logo in color in either .jpg or .png format.


スポンサーとして、さまざまな場所や印刷物等にロゴが表示されますので高品質なロゴ(カラー、jpg または png 形式)を下記のフォームに添付してお送りください。

Display Table

Platinum and Gold sponsors are provided a display table during the event. Please let us know if you would like to display AND whether your display requires a table and/or chairs. Electricity will be provided at the event.

• Table size is somewhat standard, approximately 1m x 2 m.  Overall area is approximately 3 m wide x 2+ m deep.

• We can provide two chairs.



  • テーブルのサイズは標準サイズで、約 1m x 2mです。全体のディスプレイ面積は、幅約 3m x 奥行き 2+m です。

  • 椅子を 2 脚ご用意できます。

Set-up and Tear-down Time

Set-up can begin as early at 0700 on 10 Oct, and must be complete by the time the conference begins at 0900. 

Tear-down will happen immediately upon concluding the event on Wednesday.

When sending your display to the venue, please notify the hotel in advance and include the name "SAME Japan Eric Warner" in the description box.

New Sanno Address:
U.S. Naval Joint Services Activity – The New Sanno –
4-12-20, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan
Phone: 03- 6868-2311 (from U.S. 1-702-951-8001)


設営は 10 月10日火曜日の 07:00 に開始し、フォーラムが開始する 09:00 までに完了する必要があります。

撤去は 翌日 (水)、イベント終了後すぐに行います。

※ニューサンノーホテルに展示物をお送りする際は事前にホテルへのご連絡(オンライン申込)が必要になります。なお、申込書の「Description」欄に"SAME Japan Eric Warner" とかならずご記入ください。


所在地: 〒106-0047 東京都港区南麻布4丁目12−20

電話:03- 6868-2311

Parking Spot

Platinum and Gold sponsors are authorized one reserved parking spot if needed.  Please let us know if you plan to utilize that spot.



Display Table, President's Lunch, Logo, Parking Spot Sign-ups

Please take a moment to fill out the form.   英語でご記入ください。

Upload File ロゴを添付

Thanks for submitting your information!

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